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This page is mainly for Putte posting notes an things to remember when on the fly.
Mostly hints and other good to have stuff.

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  1. Putte

    When installing Linux on a new Asus Zenbook 14 with Ryzen 7, (BX425QA), the keyboard did not work.
    It worked after the first reboot after a fresh install, and also after running an upgrade with apt update/upgrade.
    But after a cold boot the keyboard stopped working again.
    The problem was present with Ubuntu 20.04, Ubuntu 22.04 and Linux Mint Cinnamon 20.3
    Error code during boot:
    i8042: Can’t read CTR while initializing i8042
    i8042 is the keyboard controller on this laptop and that device does not always seem to work correct on Unix/Linux systems.
    This fix solved my problem and now the keyboard works after a reboot or a cold boot.
    Use a Terminal and do the following:
    – Edit the the grub configuration file with the command:
    sudo nano /etc/default/grub
    -Change this line:
    – to these two lines:
    GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX=”i8042.reset i8042.nomux i8042.nopnp i8042.noloop”
    – Save the change you did with the command:
    ctrl s
    – Exit the editor with the command:
    ctrl x
    – Update bootloader with the command:
    sudo update-grub
    – Reboot the computer with the command:
    sudo reboot
    – Congratulations, you’re done!
    Link to page with the solution:

  2. Putte

    How to Show or hide the trash can on the desktop in Ubuntu 22.04
    To show the trash can run this command:
    gsettings set show-trash true
    To hide the trash can run this command:
    gsettings reset show-trash
    You can remove the trash can from the dock in settings/Appearance/Configure dock behavior/Show Trash
    Or run this command:
    gsettings set show-trash false

  3. Putte

    BMW Navigator IV, V and VI with Touratech handlebar mounting V2.0 BMW
    Some links regarding how to connect the cable to different motorcycles.

    And the cradle from Touratech

  4. Putte

    Check Linux version and OS name:
    cat /etc/os-release
    lsb_release -a

    Check Linux Kernel version:
    uname -r

    Check Linux architecture:
    uname -a
    dpkg –print-architecture
    getconf LONG_BIT

  5. Putte

    How to disable internal Wi-Fi on Raspberry Pi OS and only use external Wi-Fi dongle connected via USB:
    sudo nano /boot/config.txt

    Add following text at the end of file:
    #Added by Putte to disable internal Wi-Fi

    Feel free to change the name Putte to your own name 😉
    FYI, this only disables Wi-Fi, Bluetooth will continue to work


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